One Year Later…..

It’s interesting what a year from the vision that you start off ends up as. We are finally starting to build our little cottage . It’s much smaller than our original version, due to budget constraints but I think it will work! We also have the barn that will contain my studio which will serve as a guest room . We can store all our stuff & keep the cottage neat & organized.( but then again, that’s my vision but how reality plays out is another thing!) .
What I’ve learned in the last year is that I have serious hoarding issues. We spent the year getting our house ready to sell, packing , decluttering ( not enough?) , selling our house, moving, redoing my Mom’s house, moving her & starting the apartment/studio and….. creating finishes in my son in law’s Brewery!
We REALLY have to get it finished as we’ve been staying at my Mom’s house which is now in escrow! I will be the big “60” at the close e of this year & ask myself “ what are you thinking adventuring into this next phase of our lives , living in a barn while building ?” We’ll, I guess, the term that I used a year ago “ Our Lives ReImagined” is in full throttle! Here are some pics of the happenings during the year….stay tuned & join me in the development of “Our Life Re-Imagined”