Hi, from Cathie!

Welcome to “Imagine This” Decorative Painting, where you will not only peruse many photos of my decorative painting skills that I have to offer, but will also be able to keep up to date on my blog , new classes offered, purchase Pure Earth Paint products , artwork &  hand painted furniture as well.

I have been blessed to do what I love & make a living out of it! I love to help my client’s “Re-Imagine” & breathe new life into their living spaces & furniture .

My journey of creativity started  in kindergarten , when my beloved teacher, Miss Tone, ( who was an inspiration herself in creativity , dressed ALWAYS in purple & multi patterned clothing !) suggested to my Mom to encourage me in my art ( I always colored outside of the lines ).

Well into high school , ART was by far my favorite subject & my high school art teacher was also instrumental in developing me as an artist. She encouraged me to go to art school, but being the type of teenager that was not so motivated in looking into college, became a young Mom of 17, married her high school sweetheart ( we met in art class  ) raised a family of 4 children & just knew that SOMEDAY she was going to pick up her art again! Well, she did ! I won’t bore you with details , but  do know that one thing led to another, to another , and here I am over 15 yrs into my decorative painting business. I hope you will enjoy looking through my work and keep in touch with all the new things developing !

Creatively Yours,   Cathie ~

“Imagine This” Decorative Painting & ” Re~Imagined” Furniture