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Pinterest is My Best Friend Lately!

So, in the process of searching for ideas for our little cottage , I’ve been “ Pinteresting” a lot. Actually, I’m obsessed with it! When looking at all the different styles & themes , I enjoy them all from Contemporary to Modern Farmhouse to Industrial to Boho Chic .I can’t seem to fit my style into one theme , so I guess I lean towards the eclectic side of things taking a little from all genres . I even have been enjoying a little Boho Chic thrown in there with a variety of patterns & color without going overboard. I think that style may be on the opposite end of the Modern Farmhouse “ Fixer Upper” Magnolia look. I think we just need to relax into our style & incorporate what brings us joy ! With our little 800 sq ft house, there’s a huge purging process that will take place . I just can’t keep it all, which will be challenging ! At least i can fill my booth with my treasured cast offs! I want to be purposeful in my Decor & incorporate things that I really love. I may even pull out some of my own art or may even paint a mural for myself for a change. Hopefully, everything will be cohesive & flow together . At any rate it will be fun! What are you drawn to , what soothes your eyes, what brings joy to your heart in your decorating ? What are some of your favorite decor items that will always stand the test of time & trends forever?

I stumbled upon this blog via instagram . I love her style.!

http://blog.eclectictwist.com/Boho some more Boho ChicFarm House- Fixer UpperFarm House Fixer Upper styleIndustrial

A little Urban Industrial

One Year Later…..

It’s interesting what a year from the vision that you start off ends up as. We are finally starting to build our little cottage . It’s much smaller than our original version, due to budget constraints but I think it will work! We also have the barn that will contain my studio which will serve as a guest room . We can store all our stuff & keep the cottage neat & organized.( but then again, that’s my vision but how reality plays out is another thing!) .
What I’ve learned in the last year is that I have serious hoarding issues. We spent the year getting our house ready to sell, packing , decluttering ( not enough?) , selling our house, moving, redoing my Mom’s house, moving her & starting the apartment/studio and….. creating finishes in my son in law’s Brewery!
We REALLY have to get it finished as we’ve been staying at my Mom’s house which is now in escrow! I will be the big “60” at the close e of this year & ask myself “ what are you thinking adventuring into this next phase of our lives , living in a barn while building ?” We’ll, I guess, the term that I used a year ago “ Our Lives ReImagined” is in full throttle! Here are some pics of the happenings during the year….stay tuned & join me in the development of “Our Life Re-Imagined”

Update on “Our Life Re~Imagined”

Update on our “Life Re-Imagined”.

Our Cottage
Our Cottage

  We got as far as getting our land cleared, the  barn pad leveled & built up , ordered the Barn/Studio Building, roughly sketched out 4 house plan ideas ( that was Gregg’s creativity!”) and then met with the concrete contractor to begin the slab work and THEN it started raining  & raining & rained some more. It was scheduled 3 weeks ago to be poured ,  but due to the onslaught of never ending storms coming in almost daily, we continue to patiently wait for Home Makeovera bright , sunny day when at last our slab will be poured! 13606905_1368253006523696_9121767987338927871_n

Bathroom redo
Bathroom redo


In the meantime……. We have been busy preparing our home to put up for sale , checking off our lists daily . Why is it that whenever you want to sell your house, you do all the projects that have been put off for years & finally get all the unfinished dreams completed? From taking off the last popcorn ceiling, painting doors , trim , staining the deck , changing out some light fixtures, putting a new spray hose on the sink, baseboards & trim installed and then some. The “ then some” projects were not even on the list… Faux finishing a wall, re- faux finishing another wall, painting a bathroom vanity , repainting another  bathroom vanity, and…… Deciding the front door needed to be a color instead of plain white , which led me to paint the shutters to match the front door of course! But, the porch step? Really? No wonder Gregg rolls his eyes! Will we want to move after this? Maybe we’ll just move our house down to our property. If only it was that easy!

Painted doorstep
Painted doorstep






So , this is what we have so far on our property…. Looks boring doesn’t it?

first pour
first pour

Well, on top of that retaining wall will be a slab, on top of that slab will be a barn , on one side of that barn will be my long awaited  STUDIO!!!!!! Whoot!!!  A lot will be taking place in there & those of you that would like to join me in that long awaited STUDIO will be happy to bring your own projects to “ Open Studio “ time , take classes & just hang out! My dream of having a studio is not complete without filling it full of play stuff!

Retaining Wall
Retaining Wall

Now, here comes the creative , artsy fartsy part! I was serendipitously sent a package of products from the owner, Marilyn Bean , of Miss Lillian’s No Wax Chock Paint after talking with her about the product line , the business & such. Marilyn said , “ Well, you have to LOVE the products to retail them . Oh my gosh! Christmas in July! When my package came, I couldn’t wait to play! I opened it to find 2 lovely colors of Chock Paint , Willow Dream & Sterling, Antiquing Glaze, a Luscious Metallic, Torrid Teal , Image Transfer Creme, Satin Luster, A rich Gel Stain, Tobacco, a Bronze Gilding Jewels and Swamp Mud  ( What the Heck Is THAT?) ?). Wow! I treat painting like cooking; don’t give me a recipe, just give me some good ingredients & let me create! So, here’s what I created with those ingredients!

Miss Lillian
Miss Lillian

So if that hasn’t whet your creative appetite, let me tell you what else is cooking! Oh, BTW, did I tell Marilyn that I LOVED her products? Yes’m , I did ! Miss Lillian’s No Wax Chock Paint will make their new Ozark home at Interiors Marketplace in Mountain Home!

Miss Lillian's No Wax Chockpaint
Miss Lillian’s No Wax Chockpaint

That’s not all, folks ! The most knowledgeable , Marilyn Bean , the creator & owner of Miss Lillian’s will be here at Interiors Marketplace Sat,  Sept 17th  to teach a “ Bring Your Own Piece” furniture painting workshop! Details can be found on my FB page https://www.facebook.com/ReImaginedFurnitureandMore/
Now, back to the slab that will hold my STUDIO, that will house Miss Lillian’s No Wax Chock Paint…. The contractor called & said “Next Mon or Tues”…. Unless it rains!


A New Adventure… A Life “Re~Imagined”

Last week we had our recently purchased property cleared to make room for the barn/studio , which will be the first phase of our adventure . After the barn is completed we will start moving stuff out of the current barn & house to prepare for staging the house & putting it up for sale. If it sells quickly we will be living in the guest room that will be built within the barn .( Yes. we will be living in a barn while our cottage is being built 🙂 ). Our cottage will have just one bedroom & bath, contained within 900 sq ft , not including the loft space. We had looked into building a tiny house but knew better….(Gregg’s books would fill that space alone & he would say the same thing about my art supplies 🙂 ) We decided by downsizing & decluttering unnecessary stuff that one accumulates over the years will allow us enough room to live small & simply.

  When we came to the Ozarks from Calif we had intentions of growing a large organic garden , an orchard of fruit trees & even had the vision of using native flat rock for a whole backyard patio . That was when we thought Gregg’s back surgery was going to fix him & bring him back to a 27 yr old pre back injury day… Life has a way of adjusting our expectations…..soooo, change of plans … Downsize, simplify , be closer to town, the grandkids, my Mom & no 3 acre lawn to cut! We don’t have exact house plans nailed down yet but want to take advantage of the south facing placement of the home with an attached green house &screened in porch .  Our yard will not have a lawn but paths that meander around , creating spaces for flower beds , herbs , berries & veggies.

Wish list for our Cottage.

We want to utilize as much as we can from our stockpile found in the ” Barn of Wonders”. My 8 yr old grand daughter has dubbed our current barn this appropriate title as it is filled with a plethora of stuff.( hoarding tendencies eventually pay off!). From old doors to be “Re-Imagined” into sliding doors , furniture pieces that can be retrofitted into a bathroom vanity, architectural pieces used for who knows what, barn wood for shelving, dressers without drawers created into storage… Lots of ideas! We’ll see how it plays out! My imagination sometimes is bigger than my reality!

Since I am a decorative painter, I will do the interior painting utilizing my faux finish skills, but guess what? I am not going to use a huge color pallete but will keep the walls quite neutral, even white/grey/cream tones! What, no color??? My tag line was once “No White Walls” & my current kitchen is bright turquoise ! My desire for a quieter palette comes from the fact that this space will be small , thus using a lighter neutral palette will open up the area will allow for pops of color in art & accessories,which also will be minimal. Now THAT will be a challenge for me just as Gregg ‘s challenge in paring down on his immense collection of books will be an exercise in minimalism. When I say a lighter color palette , I’m not talking boring flat white walls. I would love to paint my walls with Real Milk Paint as it is environmentally friendly & can give the effect of lime washed walls. We have to have at least one wall with shiplap that is also painted with a Real Milk Paint chippy finish. I will also paint my cabinetry & right now am loving Moxie Paints Soft Sage & Beach Glass together as a soothing neutral. So many ideas, but for now, it’s time to prepare our current home to sell! Anyone interested in a home in the country, sitting between a river & creek, on 15 flat acres ? Please join us in this journey as we “Re~Imagine” our lives!



Let the adventure begin!


My first blog entry

Guess What_

I think I may have written my first blog entry unintentionally –

My Overwhelming Life!!!  

I feel like these last few days before “work” have profited me with little to show for. I look at my 5 yellow pads in front of me, a white lined paper notebook that was supposed to have categories of all the things that need to be done this year. They sit there blank. I’ve not written anything or listed anything . I’ve just spent time getting stupid Dr appts done, working on stupid insurance stuff before the deadline only to find out that I need to call them again & see what’s happening with prescriptions. Here it is 2 days before a new year. I have so many aspirations & my # 1 is to SIMPLIFY ! !!! How complicated it is to get to that point!

Breaking that down into categories means to me :

1. Declutter :

a. My mind

b. My stuff – clothes, junk I don’t need, papers etc, etc etc. ( Art supplies…. Noooo!)

c. Decluttering my constant ” to do ” lists ( This is the hardest for me because of my pursuit of doing it all) .i think this is key tho’ to a simplified life is to get rid of the non essentials in all aspects of life!

So , here we go to a more ” simplified” 2016 by starting with some complicated ” clutter” of  To Do lists , which is kind of ironic!

A  Business 

  1. Do I need a blog just because that’s the thing to do?
  2. Website.

So many choices… I hate choices … Having too many choices complicates & does NOT simplify!

  1. Teaching classes ( worked on that a bit & need to simplify that)
  2. Furniture painting , ( booth, custom,branding, narrowing down)
  3. Quit hoarding furniture!

B. Getting house ready to sell . Well, that requires a multitude of ” to do” lists!  

  1. When to sell ?
  2. List Priorities of what is needed to get house ready
  3. How to accomplish those priorities when I have so many things in so many areas of my life that need to happen, or do they?

C. Finances

  1. Install Quicken
  2. Work on taxes so I don’t have to file an extension which is one reason I want to install Quicken.
  3. Listen to Dave Ramsey so I can have direction with $ decisions.

C. Spiritual 

  1.  GOD….. Simply put
  2. Start meditating so I will be calm to accomplish my complicated “SIMPLIFIED”  life.
  3. ??God…. Simply put again.

D. Health

  1. Exercise …( yeah, right), so I can eliminate some of the meds that are going up in price because of the insurance changes , bringing my BP down & stress levels down so my blood pressure doesn’t go up,so I can eliminate BP meds.
  2. Eating better… The continual saga of organic vs non organic , GMO vs Non GMO, eliminate coffee one week cuz it’s not good for you … Start drinking coffee cuz it’s good for preventing Alzheimer’s , at least for this week…. And THAT list goes on & on!
  3. Mental- continue therapy , which of course helps me with ALL of these lists & helps me recognize my dysfunctional ways of complicating my desire to  SIMPLIFY as well as helps me deal with my ADD, which totally contradicts a SIMPLIFIED life!

D. Marriage… A whole OTHER category in itself! 🙂

E… More unknown categories that will bring me to my 2016 goals to SIMPLIFY !!!

So, why SIMPLIFY ? I just got a pic from my daughter of my grand daughter’s first completed page of her Coloring book that we got her for Christmas & she can’t wait to color with me….  ? Now, I SIMPLY just want to go color with Alivia.

Now, I SIMPLY just want to go take a nap!!