My first blog entry

Guess What_

I think I may have written my first blog entry unintentionally –

My Overwhelming Life!!!  

I feel like these last few days before “work” have profited me with little to show for. I look at my 5 yellow pads in front of me, a white lined paper notebook that was supposed to have categories of all the things that need to be done this year. They sit there blank. I’ve not written anything or listed anything . I’ve just spent time getting stupid Dr appts done, working on stupid insurance stuff before the deadline only to find out that I need to call them again & see what’s happening with prescriptions. Here it is 2 days before a new year. I have so many aspirations & my # 1 is to SIMPLIFY ! !!! How complicated it is to get to that point!

Breaking that down into categories means to me :

1. Declutter :

a. My mind

b. My stuff – clothes, junk I don’t need, papers etc, etc etc. ( Art supplies…. Noooo!)

c. Decluttering my constant ” to do ” lists ( This is the hardest for me because of my pursuit of doing it all) .i think this is key tho’ to a simplified life is to get rid of the non essentials in all aspects of life!

So , here we go to a more ” simplified” 2016 by starting with some complicated ” clutter” of  To Do lists , which is kind of ironic!

A  Business 

  1. Do I need a blog just because that’s the thing to do?
  2. Website.

So many choices… I hate choices … Having too many choices complicates & does NOT simplify!

  1. Teaching classes ( worked on that a bit & need to simplify that)
  2. Furniture painting , ( booth, custom,branding, narrowing down)
  3. Quit hoarding furniture!

B. Getting house ready to sell . Well, that requires a multitude of ” to do” lists!  

  1. When to sell ?
  2. List Priorities of what is needed to get house ready
  3. How to accomplish those priorities when I have so many things in so many areas of my life that need to happen, or do they?

C. Finances

  1. Install Quicken
  2. Work on taxes so I don’t have to file an extension which is one reason I want to install Quicken.
  3. Listen to Dave Ramsey so I can have direction with $ decisions.

C. Spiritual 

  1.  GOD….. Simply put
  2. Start meditating so I will be calm to accomplish my complicated “SIMPLIFIED”  life.
  3. ??God…. Simply put again.

D. Health

  1. Exercise …( yeah, right), so I can eliminate some of the meds that are going up in price because of the insurance changes , bringing my BP down & stress levels down so my blood pressure doesn’t go up,so I can eliminate BP meds.
  2. Eating better… The continual saga of organic vs non organic , GMO vs Non GMO, eliminate coffee one week cuz it’s not good for you … Start drinking coffee cuz it’s good for preventing Alzheimer’s , at least for this week…. And THAT list goes on & on!
  3. Mental- continue therapy , which of course helps me with ALL of these lists & helps me recognize my dysfunctional ways of complicating my desire to  SIMPLIFY as well as helps me deal with my ADD, which totally contradicts a SIMPLIFIED life!

D. Marriage… A whole OTHER category in itself! 🙂

E… More unknown categories that will bring me to my 2016 goals to SIMPLIFY !!!

So, why SIMPLIFY ? I just got a pic from my daughter of my grand daughter’s first completed page of her Coloring book that we got her for Christmas & she can’t wait to color with me….  ? Now, I SIMPLY just want to go color with Alivia.

Now, I SIMPLY just want to go take a nap!!