Pinterest is My Best Friend Lately!

So, in the process of searching for ideas for our little cottage , I’ve been “ Pinteresting” a lot. Actually, I’m obsessed with it! When looking at all the different styles & themes , I enjoy them all from Contemporary to Modern Farmhouse to Industrial to Boho Chic .I can’t seem to fit my style into one theme , so I guess I lean towards the eclectic side of things taking a little from all genres . I even have been enjoying a little Boho Chic thrown in there with a variety of patterns & color without going overboard. I think that style may be on the opposite end of the Modern Farmhouse “ Fixer Upper” Magnolia look. I think we just need to relax into our style & incorporate what brings us joy ! With our little 800 sq ft house, there’s a huge purging process that will take place . I just can’t keep it all, which will be challenging ! At least i can fill my booth with my treasured cast offs! I want to be purposeful in my Decor & incorporate things that I really love. I may even pull out some of my own art or may even paint a mural for myself for a change. Hopefully, everything will be cohesive & flow together . At any rate it will be fun! What are you drawn to , what soothes your eyes, what brings joy to your heart in your decorating ? What are some of your favorite decor items that will always stand the test of time & trends forever?

I stumbled upon this blog via instagram . I love her style.! some more Boho ChicFarm House- Fixer UpperFarm House Fixer Upper styleIndustrial

A little Urban Industrial